Restoring Page

 The first thing I would recommend is to pick up a good repair manual. I'm not a mechanic, so this was the first thing I purchased. I prefer the Honda Dealer Service Manual, but if you can't find one a Chilton repair manual would be my next choice. They seem to be more complete and better written than the Haynes manuals. Also a Microfiche, or parts manual has saved my backside (and bank account) a few times. There's nothing worse than getting a part for your bike, and later discoverring that the reason it doesn't fit, is that it is the wrong part for your bike. And DO NOT trust the word of a bike wrecker that the part will fit your bike. 9 times out of 10, if you buy the part and it doesn't fit... You're stuck with it.

Now.... On to the good stuff
 Aluminum Polishing  Air Fork Repair Tips
 Bringing Back The Shine (Waxing)  LED Highlighting
 Hawk Accessories  

 Special Thanks to Penticton Yamaha and Marine for all the help and technical knowlege they have given me in this project, and for taking the time to order some of the parts I needed to get back up and riding again.

Thanks guys.