Bringing Back The Shine (Waxing)

 There isn't much to say here that would be new to most of us, other than some recommendations as to the products to use. For the most part we have all waxed our cars, trucks or bikes. But if the finish is starting to look a little flat or has a hazy look to it, you will want to use a cut pollish before you apply the finishing wax. Virtually all cut polishes do the same thing. They are a paste with a mild abrasive in it that will remove the surface of the paint. Don't use a buffer or any power tool to apply a cut polish, as it will greatly increase the possibility that you will cut the paint right down to the primer or metal. Always apply the cut polish by hand, and always in a circular motion.

Now for the finish coat. There are hundreds of waxes and polishes out there for taking care of your bike, and I've tryed a lot of them over the years. And the only one I would really recommend would be Enviro-tech's Dri Wash'n Guard. It is more expensive than most car waxes, but you can polish virtually every part of your car, truck and bike with it, including Paint, Plastic, Chrome and Glass. That means you can use it on the entire body, dashboard, instrument clusters, windshield, mags, virtually every part of your bike. The toughest thing I tryed it on was my truck rims. They are painted mags, and I tryed all kinds of different mag cleaners to remove the brake dust from the paint. NOTHING worked. I tryed Dri Wash on them... and they came clean. Really clean.

To me, the biggest selling feature of this stuff is that you don't have to wash your vehicle first. They actually recommend that you only use it on a completely dry surface. Even if there is dust on your vehicle, or if the surface is not completely clean ( except for mud guys), you can go ahead and apply it. I never use anything else on my truck and bikes now. It takes verry little time or effort to use - spray it on, wipe it arround with a soft cloth, let it dry to a haze, and wipe off with another soft cloth. And the results looks show room perfect. I don't sell the stuff, nor am I affiliated with the company that markets it. I just use it because it works.

Here is a link to their site. Check them out.