I Need to remove a lot of surface rust on the doors, fenders and box. All the rubber trim is badly faded, damaged, and a couple pieces are missing. Bottom of the doors need to be repaired, and cab corners replaced.

It isn't easy to see in the front view photo, but the bumper is badly bent, a crack on the top and the bumper filler behind it is badly damaged. Both will need to be replaced.

It's much easier to see the damage from the side. Apparently the previous owner ran into a trailer hitch.
After I removed the bumper and bumper filler, I noticed the hood latch support also needed to be straightened.

The rear bumper is badly damaged, and rusted out completely in the middle. it needs to be replaced.


The box looks worse than it really is, but the rust will need to be ground off and holes repaired.


Cab corner needs replacing on this side as well, and some some surface rust and damage (minor dent) to the front of the driver's door and rear of the fender.

Here is a better shot of the front end damage once I removed the bumper.

Rust has been ground off the fenders, a rust inhibiter was applied and primer applied.