Home Built Forward Controls

These are all the completed parts after welding, and painting, and just prior to assembling on the bike. I was able to get All the metal and hardware from Canadian Tire, other than the 1/4" steel plate, and the Universal Joints. I picked up the steel plate from a metal fabricating shop here in Penticton, and the Universal Joints I was able to find at Princess Auto in Kelowna.

 This, essentially is the forward controls I fabricated for my Intruder. In searching the internet I was unable to find any forwards that were designed to fit the '86 Intruder. Everything I found was for the 87 and up. I talked with several people about this and the general consensus was that they MAY fit with some modifications. So after talking further with some of my fellow motorcycle riders, I decided, why should I spend between $600 and $1,000 dollars for controls that I am still going to have to modify to fit my bike. Some of my motorcycle friends (who had been riding and working on bikes for a lot of years) told me not to waste my time on store bought forward controls. "Building a set of forward controls is not exactly rocket science", and to "always remember to keep it simple". So above is my final result. I am still tweaking the design, but they work, and now that they are on the bike, I'm getting quite a few compliments. And better still... They are definitely more comfortable for my 6'2" tall frame, than the original controls. Just like sitting in an easy chair.


Pictures taken by Steve Wind 05-24-2010