My 1981 Honda CB 400T Hawk.

My NEW Toy. (Page 3) Just Little Picky Stuff Now.

Just finished aplying stripes to the fairing. I think it helps match the fairing to the rest of the bike. I'm not sure about the saddle bags yet. After I repaint them I may experiment with putting similar stripes on them as well... or maybe not. The original shoei windshield appearantly has not been availible for a long time, so I had to custom fabricate one myself with the help of my brother. I carefully measured and cut a template out of some stiff craft plasic, and had my brother (who works with plastics) cut and bend it to my specs, out of 1/8" lexan. The fairing will probably break before the windshield does.

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Pictures taken by Steve Wind 05-18-2007