My 1981 Honda CB 400T Hawk.

Well... after about five months of weekend work on the old girl, she is finally looking pretty good. It took some doing to track down a set of carbs, and a lot of reserch to make sure that I got the right ones, but I finally got a set in reasonably good shape. After cleaning and rebuilding them I took them into the shop to have them synchronized, but now she's running great. Next up, I had to replace the exhaust seals, oil seals in the forks, and do an oil change and grease job. Also the forks weren't holding air, so I had to do a little work there to fix that. Then I noticed the chain was stretched, and not evenly. However, the sprockets both looked ok so just the chain needed replacing. Next came the cleanup. I powerwashed all the old grease and crudd off the entire bike, polished the chrome and wheels, gave all the paint a good cutwax and polish, stripped all the finish off the engine and pollished the aluminum to a shine. I then put a new set of tires and handlegrips on her, and added the windscreen for my own comfort. I still have a few more picky things to do, but I'm off and riding. Some of the details on the cleanup will be on the restoration pages.

I didn't much care for the windshield on the left, so I tracked down a vintage Shoei sport fairing from the 80's. Only problem is that I need a windshield to go with it. If I can't buy one, I will have to make one. I also found a set of new saddlebags that had that retro look, which just seemed to suit the bike. I'm pretty sure that no one ever made mounting hardware for this bike, so I had to fabricate a set of hangers for them.

Added Saddlebags and a Fairing. 03-14-2006

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