My 1981 Honda CB 400T Hawk.

 This is my new baby. It is a 1981 Honda CB 400T Hawk (Manufactured 04-1981) It is in rough shape cosmetically, and someone has put the wrong carbs on it somewhere along the way. Other than that it apeares to be all intact and very restoreable. It will still need a fair amount of TLC to make it beautiful. The guy I bought it from, bought it as a project for his son. But his son wasn't too interrested in it. He told me that he had purchased it from a lady on Vancouver Island who hadn't ridden it in about 6 years. So it sat in storage all that time. From the looks of it it had been left out in the elements for a lot of that time as well. All the aluminum is extremely weathered and will need to be stripped and polished. The tires need replacing as they are badly cracked. The paint needs to be cutwaxed. The chrome needs polishing. The forks leak. The front brake sticks, and it needs a correct set of carbs. I will keep you all posted.

Back To Previous Page  Pictures taken by Steve Wind 11-11-2004