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I receive a lot of Emails from people asking questions about fixing or upgrading their Hawks. Many of you have the same questions, and most of them are questions that I had as well when I started restoring and customising my Hawk. So I thought that I would post some of those questions and answers here. Some of these questions and answers have been paraphrased to save room and to reduce redundant questions.
 Tuesday, July 12, 2005 10:08 AM

 Peter wrote:
Hi there Steven,
I just picked up a really good used CB400T with less than 6400 miles on the clock. I've been searching the web for some resources and came across your site. If you have any updates or good links to resources I'd sure appreciate it.

Thanks much,
- Peter

 What kind of resources are you looking for? I have most of the stuff I've accumulated on my website already, other than my Honda Shop Manual which I have scanned into PDF format on 2 cds (obviously too big for the website. Also check out my links page. Whenever I find a good source for parts I list them there. So keep checking back.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005 7:20 AM

 Peter wrote:
I'm looking for a place that specialises in old Honda parts or older bike parts. I think I'm going to need tires but am having trouble finding the right size. I need to get a shop manual, where did you get yours?


Hi Peter
Mine needed new tires as well. My local Honda shop has been no help at all for either of my Honda bikes, and more or less made me feel like I was unwelcome in the store unless I was buying a NEW bike from them. So I started dealing with my local Yamaha shop. They have access to all the same parts and willing to try and get them for me. Anyway... That said, I rode the bike down to the Yamaha shop, and the original size Bridgestones that came with the bike were no longer available. They fit my bike with a set that were a bit wider, that also made the bike handle better.
The original Bridgestone numbers were
-front- Bridgestone S702 (3.60S19-4 PR)
-rear- Bridgestone L302 (4.10S18-4 PR)

The new Bridgestone numbers we came up with were
-front- Bridgestone Spitfire 11F (100/90-19M/C 57H)
-rear- Bridgestone Spitfire 11R (110/90-18M/C 61H)

These tires are a wider tire, but will fit nicely on the bike without rubbing, and as I said, I noticed a big improvement in handling, especially over cracks and ruts in the pavement. The wider tires really suite the bike as well, giving it a more custom look. Also, have the wheels balanced when you have the new tires installed. It does make a difference especially at higher speeds.

As for the Shop Manual, I kept watching Ebay for one to come up, and bid on them until I won one. Same thing for the owners manual, toolkit, and all the ads and such that I posted on my website. I have not posted the Shop manual on there because of the size. It takes up 2 CDs with the addendums and all.

Any other help I can offer you Peter let me know.

Monday, April 03, 2006 1:18 AM
JP wrote:
Have recently acquired a 1982 Honda CB450 Hawk and wondering what kind of tires should I put on and approximately how much I am going to have to pay for them.
Thank you.

The 1982 Honda CB450T Hawk has exactly the same tire size as the 1981 CB400T Hawk. I double checked this with the owners manuals for both bikes (See the previous question above for these details).
As to the cost... I had to dig up my bill from the Yamaha shop here... I paid $322.50 CAN for the pair including installation and balancing. So be prepared to spend some coin if you want a good set of tires.
Hope this helped.