Restoring Page

 I hope to have some restoration tips and links to parts suppliers on this page in the future. So stay tuned.
 No original parts were harmed in the making of this page. All parts were replacements only. All original parts were carefully removed from the bike and packaged up so that bike could be returned to original condition at a later date if so wanted. All decals purchased from Reproduction

 Before - Purchased from Ebay After Sanding, Paint & Clearcoat Also new Flap and Grommets

  Before - Purchased from Ebay  After Sanding, Paint & Clearcoat  New Decal

  Before - Purchased from Ebay  Stripped to bare metal, Primered and Filled.  Silver Paint Completed

 After Blue, Black, and Clearcoat  Top View of previous Picture  New Side Decals

 Before - Purchased from Ebay  Sanded, Painted and Clearcoat  Bottom view with new Grommets
 New fender on bike with decals    Almost Done...