Links To Useful Sites
  All the businesses listed on this page I have personally dealt with, and continue to deal with. I am not affiliated with any of them... however, I am confident in reccommending them to you because of the great service I have received from all of them.
A while back I started a user group on yahoo. I had never done this before and thought that it would be an interesting idea. However, I soon discovered (due to sizeand layout limitations within Yahoo Groups) that I would not be able to create the type of resource that Elsinore owners were looking for. So I created this site, and I hope that you will find it to be a useful resource for keeping the old MTs up and running. I have kept the user group up and running as a place for everyone to exchange information, and I hope that it will continue to serve that purpose.
If you need reproduction decals to complete your old Elsinore, or other project, this is the place. They have a great selection of reproduction decals, and can even create them for you if you can supply a good quality picture of the one you need.
An excellent site loaded with Elsinore related Information, links, manuals, specs, and more. More information is being added all the time, so check back frequently.
I finally found a great site for NOS Honda Parts with an excellent search engine that allows you to search by part number. Check these guys out.
So far this is the best place for buying Elsinore MT parts. I’ve found several parts and manuals here.
 Need an original set of keys for your old Honda? Check these guys out.
 Great people located in Godfrey, Ontario Canada. They specialize in vintage Japanese Motorcycle Parts from the 60's to today.
Canadian supplier that handles a lot of aftermarket parts such as cables, seals, carb kits, gasket sets, filters, exhaust pipes, brake caliper rebuild kits, and a lot more.
 Motorcycle, ATV and Utility Parts Apparel & Accessories
  More to Come