The previous owner had ripped out the sofa-bed and the dinette and had put in a 2x4 and plywood bed across the entire front half of the unit. That was the first thing I ripped out. As you can see, the cabinets were also in extremely rough shape. I found out later that he used this motor home to transport his dirt bike around. that also explained the tie-downs in the back, just inside the rear door.

For some unexplained reason he had also cut up the counter tops, and put a plastic cooler in the hole. You can see it in the far right side of the right hand picture above. He had also removed the sink, toilette, holding tanks, and the refrigerator. So in order to turn it back into a camper or motor home, I needed to put some of these things back in. He also had self adhesive tiles on the floor that were going all gooey and half of them were loose or breaking apart. So they had to be removed and the old glue removed.
This is where the refrigerator was originally located, but now it was just a hole. The heater and stove were still there, and they did work. But the stove needs a good cleaning and painting.
This space used to be the bathroom. The previous owner had gutted the bathroom out of here and had put in a bunch of 2x4 and chipboard shelves, that looked extremely ugly. I had to remove all of that to inspect the floor and walls, which I already suspected had some water damage and rot. So here you can see some damage that had been caused by a roof leak, and due to the missing bottoms of the end cap. Fortunately it looks far worse than it actually was. However, the walls need to be removed, some wooden framing replaced inside the walls, and all the wall board will need to be replaced. Once that is done, new flooring will also need to be put in.