The view from the back door looking towards the cab.
Here is how it looks after recreating the sofa-bed, and dinette from scratch. Installing a new countertop, complete with sink taps and stove top. And I tracked down another fridge to fill in the hole where the previous fridge should have been. I recovered all the old cabinets and new dinette with real oak veneer, and several coats of light Varathane to protect it. I also removed the old self adhesive tiles from the floor and re-covered it with a nice light coloured vinyl flooring.

The view from the front looking towards the back door.


This is the result of the new bathroom area. Once I found and repaired all the leaks, and replaced all the damaged and rotten wood framing inside the walls, I covered all the walls with oak veneer to match the rest of the interior. Then I used the same light coloured vinyl flooring here as well, to keep all the floor coverings uniform. I created the leather covered pad on the wall just to hide the electrical wiring and for comfort because this space is somewhat small. I raised the floor slightly for my own comfort, so the port-a-potty is now the same height as a standard toilette. All floor seems were caulked to make cleaning easier.
You can't see it in any of the photos, but I also replaced all the window screens. They were all ripped and had shrunk, which caused the frames to warp. So I re-shaped them so they would stay in the window tracks, and then replaced the screen material. Now the bugs can't get in.