This motor home had so much duct tape throughout it, that I started telling everyone that this guy must have gone to the Red Green School of Renovations. The first thing I had to do here was to try and get all that Duct Tape off. Once I was able to remove it all, it took some time to find something that would remove all the residue that was left behind. I finally found that GunWash was able removed it without damaging the paint. I also managed to find two levers for the draft windows so that I could lock them up again, and keep the windows closed. Next the ratty old door coverings had to go.
There wasn't anything left of these seats. When I removed the seat covers, the seat was completely covered with... you guessed it... Duct Tape. The bottom dash plate was missing (where the windshield wiper switch and headlight switch is). Fortunately they are a pretty common find at most auto wreckers.
The dog house had some old switches hanging out of it, and holes where the radio used to be. This is getting a make-over as well.